The Misfit-ingest, Raj from The Big Bang Theory is with Yes, My accent is real and something things I haven’t told you, is a must read. This breezy collection of essays is a light read written in his irreverent, hilarious and self-deprecating voice.

If you a fan of funny and witty memoirs, then this book is for you. Nayyar has beautifully written his personal journey from London to New Delhi to Los Angeles in this book.
The below is his best reads of 2015:
Bream gives me Hiccups by Jesse Eisenberg
Kunal Nayyar is a huge fan of Jesse and was also in a play that Jesse wrote. This is his first favorite.

The prophet by Kahlil Gibran
This book was given by his father when he was 18 and leaving India to study in U.S. He finally read it last 2015 to get an answer of some myriad questions of life -be it emotional, spiritual, and physical. Gibran’s writing gives comfort in times of questioning by great answers.



An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

MerryBrains is a huge fan of Vikram Seth but Kunal is a bit late to jump to our Vikram Seth’s bandwagon. Kunal finished the book An Equal music which is an immediate emotional charge from just reading to action. He even started learning Piano. These are the things which books inspire and only book readers would know. We as well agree that Vikram’ s writings are always musical and soothing and this book is a must read for music lovers.


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