“The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture”. Well, that’s what you get if you search on Google about art.  But, is it enough to define this three lettered word that has so many things under it?  Nope, I don’t think so.

Let me tell you what ART means to me. Art is that creation which involves an emotional connection between the maker (artist, creator) and the viewer. Art is something that we can connect to, relate to. It is a process that involves basic skills, emotional and creative capacity. Art is the freedom to do what you want the way you like it.  It is the ability to put across your thoughts and feeling to the world. To me, art is to feel. It is to be sensed and enjoyed.

Art is everything!

I think that any creation which includes thinking out of the box is a form of art. If you can think, draw, sing, dance, cook, shop, design, analyze, talk, eat, and sleep, and so on, congratulations! You are born an artist! Every little thing we do has an aesthetic touch to it. I am an artist. You are an artist. We are all artists in our own special way. We are here to be inspired and enjoy all those colourful moments we are in.  Our lives are the canvases we use to paint. The more we work on things we love, the more colourful will our canvases be.
But in this chaotic life we lead, we forget to give importance to things that we love. We forget that are canvas is supposed to be vibrant and coloured, and not mere shades of black, white and grey. Why do we do things that make us unhappy?  Why do we do what others do like a flock of sheep? Aren’t you capable to think for yourself? Do you really want to live a ‘Blaah’ life when you can live a ‘Wow’ life? Do you want to grow old thinking ‘I wish I had done this or maybe that’? I know I don’t want to grow old and regret the things I haven’t done just because I was too busy doing things I hate!

Life is short. Shorter than we think. We are supposed to be having a good time! Do what you love, do what make you happy! I know people will judge. But who cares?! You’re having fun aren’t you? If you are stuck in a crappy office with crappy people, then get out of there! Life has so much more to offer for that artist in you. Why waste this short life?

Now think.  Do you really want your canvas to be shades of grey? Or are you the artist with a very, very colourful canvas?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s splash some colour on that canvas!

Image courtesy: Mark Chadwick

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