Waves In The Sky

1. What inspired you to write this story?

I started writing the story as a simple novelette about friendship of 6 girls. Even the character of Malini was not there when I started with. Later more and more characters joined the journey with me.
If the inspiration is a person, it was Preeti Shenoy-writer, Parveen Hafiz-Founder of Sunrise group of hospitals and a malayalam movie ‘How old are you’. All these three factors forced me to do something with my life, which ended up in this book.

2. There are so many mishaps happening to these girls in every possible way. I know its not easy to create many great subplots and strong characters. How did you create these?

This is really a relevant question. I had tried to mention it in my author’s note as to what prompted met to write the book but it was just a brief note. Each and every incident mentioned in the book has happened to someone or the other, which we read through newspapers, watched through media or experienced ourselves. For instance Swathy’s plight was actually a real incident that shook Kerala and raised several questions about the purity of the parenthood. What Malini did with Varun also has happened sometime before. The mother who turned in her son was talk of the state for quite sometime. I wanted to show what all are happening in this small state, may be these incidents cannot be considered as mere incidents that happened on a demographic basis. These might be happening in various other parts of the country or worldwide.
I was criticised of portraying a mother who tried to kill her infant child but a recent incident in southern part of Kerala where in a mother sent her paramour to kill her family with an intention to get rid of all obstacles proved that there are certainly some women who are a disrepute to womanhood. I was also disturbed by seeing the lives of some men who were victims of misuse of 498/A.

How I connected all these and how I created a plot and subplots maintaining the mystery element is still a surprise for me. May be because of the fact that I did not deliberately create a plot, there were a few laws as well.

3. If at all you had to cast actresses for CANARIES, who would those be? And why?

After getting the author copy in my hand, the first thought that came to my mind is seeing the story on the silver screen. Since the story starts from fifteen years of age, the actresses should be as young but matured as possible

Hence I would like to see the following actresses

Charu- Kangana Ranaut
Yami- Anushka Sharma
Neha- Alia Bhatt (Badly wanted to see her do a different role)
Ananya- Parineeti Chopra
Avantika- Priyanka Chopra(If she could pull of the school days well :-P)
Raihana- Kriti Sanon

Pity the producer.

4. This book according to me may hurt grammar nazis a bit and I think the editing can be better. How tough is to get a book edited? And what do you think you should take care in the next book?

Yes you are true. Actually my editor did a great a job. But I made some last moment changes before sending it to the publishers and failed to crosscheck the grammar thinking that a few grammatical errors might not matter but the few grammatical errors that creeped in turned out to be fatal to the whole book

5. You have taken different elements in the book and made it a very fast paced good read? Was that intentional?

While writing the book I placed myself as the writer and reader simultaneously. I am basically a person who doesn’t like unnecessary details and prefer reading fast paced stories. Hence I tried to keep up the pace of the story. I am happy to hear that it worked.

6. What are you working on now?

Currently I am going slow with my next book as well as my blog. The third human release in my family is on the way. Hence I have cut down on the hours spent in from of laptop and hence the mini-hiatus. Hopefully by the end of the year I will regain the pace and be able to come up with the sequel of Waves in the Sky by next year

7. One fun fact about you?

For those who know me, everything about me is funny and crazy. 🙂 They say that I am a unique piece which after creation, god forgot to maintain the back up.

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