No Longer Caged by Vibha Nasheen- A Pale Quick Read
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You slipped down in sleep,

and went down sleep…

without letting me know that you will never come back!!

Indeed there was nothing, but silence!!

This book reminded me of my true friend who lost his life in a car accident.

This book brings you a bit down to your raw childhood. The story is about the protagonist ‘Nakul’ who served a jail sentence for the crime of killing his reliable friend which he didn’t commit. I loved the cover which the author painted it herself!

The story was clutching in the beginning and as the story unwinds, it was too blatant and rather pale. I did expect some fightbacks, some vengeance but it was just a walk of protagonist away from all these to somewhere else. The love for his mom was shown splendidly throughout. Overall, it was a swift read worth the time but the beauty of the literature was a bit dull in this book.Vibha needs to edit this book to examine some grammar as well.

Buy this book if you want a tension free swift read but do not expect any beautiful literature here!




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Prakhyath Rai
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