Poetry Book Review: Prism Of Nature By Akshmala Sharma
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Prism of Nature is an enthralling exploration of the power of Nature and Lives. The poet touches all aspects of life -giving all elements of lives an unique touche

Akshmala’s poetry collection Prism of Nature is both inspirational and thought-provoking.

These poems touches the tip of Miserable plight of woman and then the reader needs to dwell down to find whats in it.

” Rainbow is harmonic rain of colours
Crowned of sky bejeweled with vibrant hues
Desire of millions eye struck hard after basking rain
Beacon of how variety studs the existence “

Writing is concise, yet vivid and imagery-laden, with each piece packing a substantial punch and evoking a plethora of emotions.

For the author, this book has come out of love for nature and habit to versify observation and experience of life- Connecting Nature and Lives. Simple thing with complex feelings.

The cover of the book is beautifully chosen. Akshmala have plucked every word of the book from phenomenal and mysterious nature and hence the cover shows a girl plucking stars in the guise of words from the sky. The cover captured my attention and indicated girl with spiritual love- enjoying the nature.

Using too many complex words was a bit of let down otherwise this book is a masterpiece for a debut. Find that cozy balcony or bed , read the blurb first and go ahead with this book in one go.

We loved it- Highly recommended for poetry lovers. Do expect heavy words and heavy emotions.

For a beginner, keep a dictionary with you 🙂


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