Shrieking Silences By Preeti Choudhary-A Virgin And Unadulterated Style of Poetry.
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‘Empowerment does not lie in intoxication,


It is all about your control on heart,

A balance between two

Heart and mind.

Grow up! Do something for yourself

Leaving all the sound and fury at stake’

First things first- You have to learn the art of poetry reading.

Quick Tips:

  • You need to enjoy it, savor it and appreciate its beauty. 🙂
  • Start with simple poems, and interpret it your own way. There is no wrong interpretation.
  • Let your imagination run wild and you’ll see it is not that difficult after all.
  • Try discussing poetry and interpretations with people who love poetry.


More granular tips:

  • Pick up a pencil and underline your favourite verses. Try to think about why you like them with the same pencil, try to divide the poem in parts and understand how they connect between each other
  • Read several poems of an author and try to identify what is common and different between the poems to understand his or her writing style
  • Make lists of your favourite poets and describe what you like about their poems
  • Read essays about poetry by famous poets. e.e. cummings, Jorge Luis Borges and others have very readable books about poetry.

Now lets talk about how much I loved this book….

Talking about the outer beauty of this book, Cover is Intriguing and enigmatic and blurb- dictates the insight! Kudos to the publishers -notionpress, a brilliant job in presenting the book.

Preeti Choudhary- Thank you! One of the best poems I have read from this new cohort which is distinctive and unique at the same time breaking all the stereotypic myths. I loved the poems devoted to feminism, soldiers and specifically the small but callous poem of ‘The unsuitable girl’. The narration is virgin and not filtered which appends to the charm of this enchanting work of poetry ‘Shrieking Silences’.

“My words ooze out of my pen like a novice amateur driver, stuck in the traffic, apprehensive of the damages and collisions”-The author’s foreword speaks a lot about the creative mind! I would wait to see more creative works from Preeti.

For a debut in creative writing, this poetry is more than good!

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