The moment we start writing our books, we are on the run for finding the publisher. “I don’t know how, but I need my book to be published somehow. Yes I mean it!” I said this a week after I started writing my first book.
The moment I completed the first three chapters, I sent it to so many publishers, that I lost count. After a month, my story went through twists and turns and finally I had to modify my first chapters. So, what happened? I had to forget those publishers since I realized that I had sent them nothing but trash. Hence, you have to make sure of the following points before contacting the publishers.
Complete Manuscript

Though the publishers ask for the first three chapters in the proposal, you should be ready with the full manuscript because until we complete the book, we would not sure about how the book looks once finished. First chapter might become the last or it might cease to exist. We would not be able to see out mistakes until we read it again and again and again.

Friends, relatives and well wishers

Do contact your friends, or close relatives or well-wishers to assess your draft. This doesn’t mean that you should roam around like enthu-potatoes and distribute your manuscript to everyone. You should be sure that the person is really interested, well-read and moreover sincere.


Before contacting the editor, try to make the first level edition yourself so that the editors would not be in the sea. Most top publishers have an editing team but many new publishing houses lack the interest in the same. Hence, try to find a reasonable editor for your book.

Literary Agents

Literary Agents are becoming popular these days. It is difficult to get past the slush piles of the top publishers. Hence, a good literary agent would be a good choice. But, even literary agents are also getting unreachable these days.

Look out for predators

There are many vanity publishers eager to squeeze out the money from the writers. The do not do anything to promote or market your book since you would be paying the production costs. Finally, you will end up losing the money and gaining nothing. Hence look out for them. There are publishers who would come up with two options- self publishing and traditional. The traditional comes with a clause, you should assure that 100 books would be sold. If you are sure about your manuscript, only if 100% sure, you can go for it.


Indie authors are growing day by day. While there are many people who tried to publish anything and everything, there are many deserving writers among the self-published authors. I myself have reviewed several books, which could have been bestsellers if channeled properly. Many famous Indian writers like Amish Tripathi and Aswin Sanghi started as self-publisehd authors. Hence, with proper marketing techniques and will power, you can bring your books in the hands of the readers who are looking for the real talent.


Build up a good network of writers, authors, and readers so that you could have someone other than your friends and family, to speak about the book.

Beyond all this, make sure that what you write is worth the effort of reading. Do not forget to inform me if you become a successful writer

Rakhi Jayashankar

Rakhi Jayashankar

Author at MerryBrains
Rakhi was born in a small town in Kerala. Born and brought up as a quintessential small town girl, she had always been ambitious and goal-oriented. After her masters in Biotechnology and Business Administration, she joined as an HR recruiter in a consulting firm. Her eight year old love life blossomed into marriage in 2010 and she joined her husband's family business. Blessed with two children, she is a full time mother and a writer. Her passion for literature made her the author of the poetry collection Un-assuaged- The blossoms of my imaginations.

She started writing her blog Outset- Rakhi Jayashankar's Blog The blog which started off as a collection of articles, switched into a reviewing blog, owing to the unending requests from new authors. Thus she ended up as a reviewer of books on behalf of both authors and publishers.

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Rakhi Jayashankar