This is our first post on Motivation in merrybrains. The blog will be intended for Books as well as Wellness. One of the greatest motivation and the greatest comeback is definitely by Jack Ma- Founder of the internet giant  ‘Alibaba Group’ .I personally follow him for his unique style of leadership.Today eBay‘s total asset is 45 billion dollar and total asset is 255 billion Yuan(41 BN$).

Education and Job Hunt

He failed his university entrance exam twice.He wrote to Harvard for a total of 10 times and was knocked back every single time.At early age he developed a desire to learn English so he rode his bike to nearby hotel and converse with foreigners. He would guide them around the city for free. Without money or connections, the only way he could get ahead was through education. After a great deal of studying, he finally passed on the third try, going on to attend Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute. He graduated in 1988 and started applying to as many jobs as he could.He applied to 30 jobs when he was looking for work and was rejected from all of them, including a job at KFC where 24 people applied and they hired everyone except him.

Time Division

He manages his time by dividing them into every 15 minutes. This is really a good technique by some one who is a master of Pomodoro Technique. However, the effective time to break your work is by breaking your time into 1.5hrs packet and 15 mins break. I personally try doing this, but would want to be more effective.

Just 5 Foot Tall

Jack Ma is just 5 foot tall.His wife Zhang Ying was there from the beginning helping Jack Ma build his empire.

Zhang Ying says “Ma Yun [Jack Ma]  is not a handsome man, but I fell for him because he can do a lot of things handsome men cannot do.”

This clearly indicates that you don’t have to be handsome to conquer world, you just need to be confident in what you do. As simple as ‘Focus on sitting up straight with your chest pushed out’ in a interview and answering the questions wittingly makes you an hero.

AliBaba Going Public

On the day Alibaba went public, Jack Ma didn’t even ring the bell at the NYSE. This is because Alibaba is supposed to be focused on customers and Jack Ma had eight Alibaba customers ring the opening bell instead.

A couple years after Ma started Alibaba, his wife asked him how much money the company had made. Jack responded by raising a single finger.

“Ten million yuan ($1.6 million)?” she asked.

“No.” Jack responded.

“A hundred million yuan ($16 million)?” she asked.

“No.” said Jack again. “One million yuan ($160,000) …” he said to his wife’s disappointment.

“… a day.” he added.

His way of leading is very very different, that is by not leading at all.
“In Taoism, the best leadership is not leading at all … No teachers want their students to fail. So I never steal the spotlight from newly hired young people. If someone warns me about an employee who is trying to overstep me, I reply that I’m a teacher and that’s the way it should be.” he says.

I have read some of the best practices of Toaism leadership here. Link here

One of the greatest quotes which I like about Jack Ma is when he initially said

“EBay is shark in the ocean. We are crocodile in a Yangtze river.
If we fight in the ocean,we will lose.
But if we fight in the river, we will win.”

and when he discovered internet for the first time in 1995.

“The day we got connected to the web, I invited friends and TV people over to my house … we waited three and a half hours and got half a page …. We drank, watched TV and played cards, waiting. But I was so proud. I proved (to my house guests that) the internet existed.”

Finally here is one of those underdog who won.

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