Well, I have been reviewing books since 3 years here and I have noticed that there are some extraordinary books that have failed in the market just because there was no promotion or due to bad promotion by promotion agencies. Sometimes you should know the technique’s to promote the book by yourselves.

Here are some of the best tips to promote a book online and offline,

1. Create a blog with your book title.

This is very important as this would give easy exposure for your books. Write an short article daily and involve your readers in it by asking them questions through social media or blogs. Increase your readers by arranging book contests. Use Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger for a start. Remember your blog should have a good vision and should help people first, don’t over promote your book.

One example for a good author blog is Robin Sharma’s Blog.

2. Write Guest posts in great blogs.

This is something which PR agencies don’t do it as great as you think. If you are writing a book say ‘Love in Mars’ , why don’t you write a article and create some magic in famous blogs and keep the readers excited. This way you also use the readers of those famous blog’s to visit your book blog as well as you give your book a good exposure that people will talk about.

Well, if you would love to write a guest post here, send a request to admin(at)merrybrains(dot)com.

Check The Chronic Consultant post written by Rachna Singh.

3.Create a Media Kit

Your media kit should include

-professional business cards with your book cover in the back.

-A head shot picture of you and your book.

-A neat biography telling why you are uniquely talented to write this book.

-Make sure you also add this media kit in your blog too.

4.Get your book reviewed and featured.

Check out some decent book blogs and  request them to feature in the blog.They will have thier way of reviewing the books and procedures of request vary from blog to blog.

If you would like  to get your book reviewed by us,please send a request to admin(at)merrybrains(dot)com

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 5.Unique Offline Marketing

Adding a sticker behind your car, writing your blog  url in the receipts you sign, Watermark your book name when you flaunt in your social media pics. Changing the homepage in the public computer to your blog address. Oh that’s crazy but a way.. There are many ways, try out something new today 🙂 Innovate your offline marketing style. Don’t be a Chetan Bhagat 😉

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What do you think is the best way to promote your book?

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